Pre-medicine students often take an undergraduate major in either Chemistry or Biology with a strong minor in the other field. Students with other majors may be admitted to medical schools if they evidence superior ability and achievement in the natural sciences.

Pre-medical requirements for admission to medical school, including osteopathic medicine, vary. A summary of minimum requirements of medical schools is given in the publication "Medical School Admissions Requirements, U.S.A. and Canada," published by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The information is available in the Allied Health Sciences Committee Office in Roosevelt Hall, Room 111.

In general, entrance requirements to medical schools include the following:

  1. Evidence of academic ability and achievement
  2. Evidence of character, attitude and interests suitable for a career in medicine
  3. Completion of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  4. Completion of at least 90 semester hours of college courses in an accredited college or university (a bachelor's degree is recommended) which usually includes the following:
    • General chemistry (including laboratory, one year)
    • Organic chemistry (including laboratory, one year)
    • General biology or zoology (including laboratory, one year)
    • General physics (including laboratory, one year)
    • College mathematics, one year (calculus is recommended)

A course in biochemistry is strongly recommended, but not required. Other science courses that the student may find helpful in preparing for medical school include microbiology, genetics, cell physiology, anatomy and physiology and computer science.

Prospective medical students should become acquainted as early as possible with entrance requirements of particular medical schools of interest. A course of study may then be built around requirements of the schools. The MCAT is offered each fall and spring at pre-medical college centers. It is recommended that this test be taken in the spring of the junior year.

Details of the admission test and other information about the pre-medical program may be obtained from the Allied Health Sciences Advisory Committee Office in Roosevelt Hall, Room 111.

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