Most colleges of pharmacy require one year of college academic credit as a minimum for entrance. Normally a student transfers to a college of pharmacy at the completion of the freshman year. However, many colleges of pharmacy have a five-year program; students entering such programs could profitably spend two years in a pre-pharmacy curriculum. In order to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy in minimum time, the first year (or two year) program must correlate closely with the program recommended by the colleges of pharmacy. The pre-pharmacy program consists of two years (65 semester hours):

  • English (6 hours)
  • General biology (4 hours)
  • Microbiology (4 hours)
  • General chemistry (8 hours)
  • Organic chemistry (8 hours)
  • Human anatomy and physiology (8 hours) (Cadaver lab required)
  • Calculus I and II (8 hours)
  • Statistics (3 hours)
  • Microeconomics (3 hours)
  • Computer Literacy (3 hours)
  • Electives: history, psychology, others (6 hours)

Other pharmacy schools may have different pre-professional requirements. For further information contact the prospective school and the Allied Health Sciences Advisory Committee Office in Roosevelt Hall, Room 111.