Pre-Physician Assistant

Admission requirements for physician assistant programs vary from school to school. Interested students should make early contact with the schools of their choice for specific admission requirements. Commonly, students must have 60 semester hours that include the following:

  • General biology (4 hours)
  • General chemistry (8 hours)
  • Human anatomy and physiology (8 hours)
  • General psychology (3 hours)
  • College algebra (3 hours)
  • English composition (3 hours)
  • Expository or technical writing (3 hours)
  • A cross cultural course (3 hours)
  • Anthropology or sociology (3 hours)
  • Humanities (literature, history, or philosophy) (6 hours)
  • Two multicultural courses (6 hours)

Contact the prospective program and the Allied Health Sciences Advisory Committee Office in Roosevelt Hall, Room 111.