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Eastern New Mexico University

Mr. Dwayne Wilkerson


Mr. Wilkerson received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from ENMU and has maintained close ties to the Communicative Disorders Program for many years.  Prior to becoming a faculty member, he served as an off-campus practicum supervisor for numerous school-based placements and as resource faculty for the program.

In addition to working as a speech-language pathologist in the public schools for 26 years, Mr. Wilkerson has a wide range of experience in other settings.  He has extensive experience in early childhood development and infant/toddler speech-language programming, and holds a teaching certificate in early childhood education.  For a number of years, Mr. Wilkerson worked after hours for the New Mexico School for the Deaf in their Step*Hi program, providing home-based services for deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.  He has worked as a consultant, done private practice, and worked as a therapist in a geriatric setting.

His professional interests include sign language, Deaf culture, ASL linguistics, and interpreting.  His current clinical focus is on cochlear implant rehabilitation in children.  Mr. Wilkerson is active in the state and national Speech-Language-Hearing Association and held a national office as one of the representatives for New Mexico on the ASHA Legislative Council.

Mr. Wilkerson is married and has three grown children.  He currently has five extremely cute and obviously gifted grandchildren.   Just ask him next time you are in his office and he will show you their pictures and tell you all about them.  When he is not busy working, he is actively involved in the music program at his church.  Other personal interests include spending time with his wife of more than 30 years, reading, photography, calligraphy, and of course visiting his grandchildren.

Mr. Wilkerson may be reached at 575.562.2159 or by e-mail: Dwayne.Wilkerson@enmu.edu.