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Eastern New Mexico University

Bachelor of Social Work

Social work is both an academic and an applied discipline based on values of service, social and economic justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, and integrity and competence in practice. The essence of social work is helping people, organizations and communities.

Social work strives to enhance human well-being and to alleviate poverty, oppression and social injustice while promoting respect for human diversity. The social work profession draws upon its own accumulated body of knowledge and skills, as well as the theories and findings of other social science disciplines. Among the social sciences, social work is unique in its emphasis on both the person and the social environment in a reciprocal relationship.

Our Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program follows the standards and guidelines of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in preparing students to be competent, caring, ethical and effective social work practitioners.

The BSW curriculum is designed to provide the basic knowledge, skills and values necessary for competent and ethical generalist social work to those entering the profession, as well as those already practicing in social service settings. The curriculum helps prepare students and practitioners for licensure and advanced study.

Social workers are licensed professionals in New Mexico and are found in a wide variety of practice settings including health and mental health, child welfare, community-based organizations, medical facilities, schools, youth services, law enforcement, courts, corrections, the military, services to elders, and other social service providers.

Students considering a Social Work major should consult with a social work faculty advisor as early as possible in their academic career. Those students wishing to declare the Social Work major/degree plan must declare their major through the Advising Center. This allows assignment of a Social Work faculty advisor to assist students with planning their course of study. SWK 201 Introduction to Social Work provides an overview of the profession and should be taken before starting the two year program of study. Social work majors or transfer students wishing to enter ENMU's BSW Program must apply for admission to ENMU Portales and the BSW program by April 15 prior to the fall semester in which they wish to begin attending classes.

The Bachelor of Social Work has composite major and does not require a minor. Please browse our information page for future students here.


The BSW Student Manual is available online for additional information.

View Degree Plan for the Bachelor of Social Work.

For more information about the Social Work Program, please contact:

Ms. Patricia Saylor
Program Director and Associate Professor in Social Work
ENMU Station 13
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130


The BSW at ENMU is accredited by the CSWE. Eastern New Mexico University's Social Work Program supports the tenets of the CSWE accreditation process and adheres to the National Association of Social Worker's (NASW) Code of Ethics. BSW students should become familiar with and comply to the provisions of the NASW Code of Ethics.