The study of history helps the student better understand issues of importance in the modern world, fosters an enjoyment of history and makes the student's interest in the past a discriminating one. Course work involves training in the use of historical sources as a means for developing a critical faculty, a spirit of inquiry and open-mindedness. In addition to history's cultural significance, a historical approach to problem solving for modern-day events is of value to those intending to take up such professions as teaching, law, journalism, politics, the ministry, or civil or diplomatic services. The student majoring in History is required to take at least one (1) upper-division course in each of three areas: United States, European and Non-Western History. A major is also offered in Social Studies with an Emphasis in History to teach at the secondary level. The licensure is Secondary Social Studies.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in history. They can also earn licensure in elementary or secondary social studies.

Degree Plans