Greater Southwest Studies

The rich Southwestern culture and history of the United States and Mexico offer students a rare opportunity to understand the unique features of this region. Students interested in a minor in Greater Southwestern Studies should consult with an advisor appointed by the college dean. The advisor and the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must approve any changes to this course of study. Inquire in the dean's office, Jack Williamson Liberal Arts Building, Room 114.

Minor: Greater Southwestern Studies

  1. Twenty-one hours are required from the following courses with at least one course from each of the areas of anthropology, history and humanities.
    • ANTH 123 New Mexico: Enchanted Lands and Diverse Cultures
    • ANTH 432 Indians of the Southwest
    • ANTH 461 Prehistory of the Southwest
    • ANTH 462 Prehistory of Mexico and Middle America
    • ENG 413 Literature of the Southwest
    • GEOL 482 Geology of New Mexico
    • HIST 203 History of New Mexico
    • HIST 301 Mexico
    • HUM 171 The Chicano in American Humanities
    • HUM 272 The Chicano in American Humanities in the Twentieth Century
  2. Some disciplines offer topics courses, seminar courses and field study courses, that may be used for the minor with approval from the Greater Southwestern Studies advisor.