The Department of Religion at ENMU offers all students the opportunity to pursue moral and spiritual development through the study of religion.

The ENMU Department of Religion was established in 1936 and is one of the oldest university religion departments in the Southwest. It is staffed and maintained by cooperation between several denominations and churches. Each church body established a Bible chair or chair of religion with its own classrooms and facilities adjacent to the main campus.

The programs explore the major world religions, particularly those in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The courses emphasize the foundational texts, history and languages of the religions. The courses also include practical aspects of religious ministry, and the development of spiritual and ethical values. The department seeks to acquaint students with the methods and techniques of scholarship, particularly as applied to the field of religion.

Students may pursue a major or a minor in religion and/or a minor in Greek, Hebrew or Biblical Languages (both Greek and Hebrew), or take courses for their general studies and personal development.

Students may also take Greek, Hebrew and Latin courses.

Any student at ENMU may take religion courses to fulfill some of the general education requirements for graduation.

REL 101, Survey of the Old Testament, REL 103, Survey of the New Testament, and REL 107, Introduction to Religion are accepted in fulfillment of general education requirements by all colleges and universities in New Mexico.

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